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These are BRAND NEW, non-current models priced at 40% below MSRP
(Mfrs Suggested Retail Price) – Save $$$

Bear/Jennings BUCKMASTER GENERATION 2, single cam, camo, 31" A-A, RH 28-30" modules included, 60#, mass weight 3.9#. Special features: Titanium riser, CarbonAire quad limbs, checkered grip. Four built-in sound dampers. Short, light, beautiful bow with red accents. NEW, never used. Retail $489. SOLD.

Browning BOSS MANTIS, dual cams, camo, 39" A-A, RH 28-30" 70#, weight 4.3#, strong drop forged riser, shoot fingers or release aid. NEW, never used. MSRP $580. Sell for $348.

Custom Shooting Systems CSS SYSTEM 3, single cam, camo, 38" A-A, RH 30" 60#, mass weight 4#. Very nice shooting and very accurate. Good for fingers or release aid. NEW, never used, Retail $549. Sell for $329.

Forge PRAIRIE FIRE, single cam, camo, 34" A-A, RH 28,29,30" modules 65#. 3# 16 oz, IBO 300 fps. Nicely designed and balanced, very quiet, smooth, shock-free. NEW, never used. MSRP $529. SOLD

Golden Eagle HAWK, dual cams, camo, 40" A-A, RH 28-32" modules included, 70#. Weight 4.9#. Recurve limbs. Good with fingers or release aid. New, never used. Retail $399. Sell for $239.

Golden Eagle IRON EAGLE, dual cams, camo, 40" A-A, RH 27-31" modules on hand, 60#. Weight 4.2#. Fast, Xact Timing cams are easy to adjust. Good with fingers or release aid. NEW, never used. Retail $539. SOLD.

Hoyt ECLIPSE, dual cams, camo, 44.5" A-A, RH 29.5-30.5" , 60#. Weight 4.2#. Deflexed riser for accurate shooting. Has mounts under limb bolts for Hoyt quiver. Slightly used, $189 firm.

Jennings MACHINED EXTREME, dual cam, camo, 40" A-A, RH 29" 60# (27 & 28" mods on hand). Weight 4.5#. Recurve limbs, adjustable cables. Good with fingers or release aid. NEW, never used. MSRP $459. SOLD.

Parker EZ-DRAW 33, single cam, total camo, 33" A-A, RH 28 or 30" 60#. Very smooth, Extremely light weight 3.1#, total camo, NEW, never used. MSRP $549. Sell for $329.

Pearson ACCU-MAX, single cam, camo, 36.5" A-A, RH 30" 60#, Weight 3.6#. Has deflexed riser and 9" brace height for best accuracy. Great shooting. Comfortable with release aid or fingers. NEW, never used. MSRP $495. SELL $297.

Pearson COBRA, dual cams, camo, 39" A-A, RH 30" , 60#. Mass weight is 4.7#. Riser is deflexed and brace height is 9 inches for best accuracy. Comfortable with release aid or fingers. NEW, never used. MSRP $495. Sell for $297.

Proline MOUNTAIN 32, single cam, camo, 32" A-A, RH 28.5 to 30.5 modules on hand, 70#. Light Weight 3.7#. A really neat little bow to handle and shoot. NEW, never used, MSRP $439. Sell for $263.

Proline STALKER, single cam, dual limbs, camo, 36“ A-A, RH 26 to 31" modules on hand, 60#.Light weight 3.5#. Good for fingers or release aid. NEW, never used, MSRP $499. Sell for $299.

PSE BABY G, dual cams, camo, 37" A-A, RH 30" 60#, mass weight 4#. Fast and nice handling. Overdraw and prong rest included. Good for fingers or release. NEW, never used. Retail $589. Sell for $353.

PSE THUNDER BOLT, dual cams, camo, 38" A-A, RH 30" 60#, mass weight 3.7#. Light in hand and nice shooting with fingers or release aid. NEW, never used.Retail $399. Sell for $239

Renegade ALPHA 1, single cam flame thrower shape. 32“A-A, RH 28 & 30" modules, 60#, 80% Letoff. Light Weight 3.4#. Easy handling, and accurate with 8" brace height. NEW, never used. Retail $499. Sell for $299.

XI VELOCITY, large dual cams, camo, 38" A-A, RH 30" 60#. Weight 4.6#. Very fast. Overdraw and prong rest included. Good for fingers or release aid. NEW, never used. MSRP $699. Sell for $419.

XI VELOCITY, small dual cams, camo, 41" A-A, RH 30" 60#. Mass weight 4#. Very fast 325 fps IBO. Good for fingers or release aid. NEW, never used. Retail $549. Sell for $329

These are BRAND NEW, Non-current models at 40% below MSRP – Save $$$

Alpine GRAND TETON, dual cam, 38" A-A, Target color bow, RH 30" 60#, 80% LO. Weight 4.7#. Brown riser, camo limbs, wood grip, overdraw. Handsome and nice shooting. NEW, never used. MSRP $658. Sell for $395.

Bear SUPER STRIKE XLR, single cam, 4l" A-A, Target color bow, RH 30" 60#. Weight 4.7#. Wine red fade-out riser, flared recurve limbs. Handsome and nice shooting, good for fingers or release aid. NEW, never used. MSRP $489. SOLD.

Jennings MACHINED EXTREME XLR, dual cam, 40" A-A. Target color bow, RH 27 to 30" modules available, 60#. Weight 4.5#. Purple riser, silver recurve flared limbs. A truly beautiful bow, good for fingers or release aid. NEW, never used. MSRP $549. Sell for $329.

McPherson 3-D DREAM, dual cam, Target color bow, 42" A.A, RH 30" 60#. Weight 4.6#. Unusual brown velvet covered riser, camo limbs. A beautiful and different dream bow. NEW, never used. MSRP $771. Sell for $463.

Pearson FPS 2000, dual cam, 39" A-A. Target bow, RH 30" 60#. Weight 4.3#. Beautiful red riser, black limbs. NEW, never used. MSRP $645. Sell for $387.

These are RARE or ONE-of-a-KIND bows, or models with very UNIQUE FEATURES which might appeal to collectors.

Bill Stewart SIGNATURE COMPOUND, dual cam, natural laminated wood riser, 38" A-A, RH 29-32" with mods, 70#, mass weight 3.3#. Bill Stewart, now deceased, was designer and bowyer with Fred’s BEAR ARCHERY for some 14 years in the company’s early days before starting his own company. Bill patented his innovative double multiple-curved limb design which he called Multi-Cam Limb. That feature is incorporated in the limbs of this compound. The riser laminations are curved to follow the side to side shape, thus with long grain at the shelf and grip section so that there is ample setback beyond center in the window, very unusual on a wood riser. Bill built it and autographed it special to me. Very light and easy handling. This bow should be a collectors item. Shootable. SOLD.

BowTech BLACK KNIGHT 2, dual cams. Camo, 36" A-A, RH 30" 60#, 26 & 28" modules on hand. Extremely light weight 2.9#. Special Feature: At 343 fps IBO this was the fastest bow ever. Looking for speed? This is the ultimate. Good with fingers or release aid. NEW, never used. MSRP $595. SOLD.

Browning MIRAGE-ZX, single cam, camo, 33" A-A, RH 26-30" 60#, weight 3.9#. Special feature: a one-cam bow with revolutionary yoke at both ends totally eliminating wheel tilt and limb twist. NEW, never used. MSRP $675. Price Negotiable.

Eileen’s CUSTOM 4-WHEEL target compound with natural maple riser sporting (Special Feature) a single-pivot swivel grip which totally eliminates torque and heeling. Black laminated wood/glass Jennings limbs. Designed and built circa late 60’s by husband Emery Loiselle, lifetime archery writer and innovator. Dual wheels, 47-l/2" A-A, RH 26" 30-40 pounds. A collector might want this one-of-a-kind unique and shootable bow. Price negotiable. SOLD.

Emery’s personally built BLACK WALNUT Target compound, dual eccentrics, beautiful walnut riser, Jennings composite limbs, RH 50" A-A, 28" 45#.. Special feature: Like the MONSTER bow, swivel grip pushes on a single point to eliminate torque and heeling. The only one ever made, circa late 60’s. Shootable, Price Negotiable. SOLD.

COMPOUND CROSSBOW, designed and built by Emery Loiselle circa l978 when there were no commercial compound crossbows. I had previously asked some bow manufacturers why they made recurve but not compound crossbows. More than one replied that the cables would ride the track instead of the string. I needed something to write about, so I designed and built a trackless compound model. See my two-part article “How to Make a Compound Crossbow" in the February and April l979 issues of BOW & ARROW magazine. This was apparently the forerunner of compound crossbows since no less than eight companies came out with compound crossbows three years later. The model I built has a draw weight of about 40 pounds, good for targets, and should be desirable to one-of-a-kind collectors. Shootable. Price negotiable.

Emery’s custom FAST Recurve, designed and built circa 1960, has a long riser and short limbs. The theory was that short limbs and a smaller cross section would be lighter in weight and would recover faster during the power stroke. Indeed, this was the fastest recurve I ever shot. The greater bending stress on these short limbs, however, made them more subject to breakage. The bow did break twice and was repaired, but I consider it no longer shootable. The long riser is maple enhanced with exotic woods and the grip is checkered. Perhaps a collector might like to have this one-of-a-kind bow. Price negotiable.

Emery’s 68" 38# HAWAIIAN GIRL Recurve.
Designed, built, and hand carved by Emery Loiselle, has a nicely-shaped riser of dark exotic wood. Featured below and on each side of the dark riser is a Hawaiian girl carved of a light natural native wood, and on the offside of the window is a colorful composite of thin plastic layers. Later, I replaced both limbs with white laminated recurve limbs of commercial manufacture. A shootable target bow which raises eyebrows on the shooting line. A collector’s item – it’s the only one in the world. Price negotiable.

Emery’s MINI MONSTER (Its big brother The MONSTER Bow I built can be seen on Martin’s museum of early experimental compounds. This Monster has dual eccentrics, laminated wood bridge riser, natural finish, composite limbs, 50“ A-A, RH 26-29" by movable grip, 40#. This bow had futuristic features like a swivel torque-free grip, built-in adjustable overdraw, shoot-through bridge type riser, and other attributes only recently being manifested in commercial models. The only one in existence – a collectors dream. Price Negotiable. SOLD.

High Country MAX FORCE, dual cams, camo, 36" A-A, RH 29-30" 60#. Weight 3.9#. Special feature: Extra strong VFA armored split limbs are wrapped with Vibra Flex material. Good with fingers or release aid. NEW, never used. MSRP $599. Price Negotiable.

Jennings ARROWSTAR Target bow, dual eccentrics and idlers, 47" A-A, RH 29" adjustable, 50#. Weight 5.9#. Draw length and wheel timing are adjusted through pylons. Blue riser, white limbs, and black hardware. A beautiful bow in mint condition. Price Negotiable. SOLD.

Jennings T-MASTER, single cam, camo, 38.25" A-A, RH 28-30" modular, 60#. Weight, 4.8#, IBO 307 fps. Special Feature - Riser with hand hole has very unusual Pivotal No-Torque grip for identical pushpoint on every shot. Stabilizer hole is on forward section of hand hole in line with grip, and this section also acts as a carrying handle. VPS flared CarbonWrap limbs. Window has a built’in sight. Good with fingers or release aid. NEW, never used, MSRP $599. Price Negotiable.

Jennings UNISTAR, Riser-mounted UniCam carried on a pylon below the grip, camo, 41" A-A, RH 27-29" 70#, weight 4.5#. Extremely unusual design, produced only a couple of years. A smooth, great shooting finger bow. Extra set of cables included. A collector should want this. NEW, never used. Price Negotiable.

MINIATURE Executive compound bow, 19" A-A, made in Korea, sold only in England. Has 5/16-24 Berger Button hole like the real compounds. Draw Weight 6#, shoots over 50 yards. With shipping and conversion U.S. dollars to English pounds, total cost was over $100. Price Negotiable. SOLD.

Oneida Screaming Eagle. SOLD.

Pachmayr GLADIATOR II, dual cam, camo, 43" A-A, RH or LH 26 to 33" 60#. Weight 5.3#. Special feature: This bow has a forward set grip, movable for changing draw length, and flipping the grip 180 degrees changes the bow to LH. Unusual versatility. Result is deflexed geometry for smoothness and accuracy. Good with fingers or release aid. Pachmayr manufactures high grade gun accessories, and made bows for only a short while. This must be a collectors item. NEW, never used. Price Negotiable.

Pearson FREEDOM, single cam, camo, 35" A-A, RH 28-30" 60#. Weight 4.3#. Special Feature: Stabilizer receiver is encased in elastomeric material to absorb shock, vibration, and noise. Smooth and very quiet. NEW, never used. MSRP $749. Price Negotiable.

Pearson GENESIS 2000, single cam, camo, 36.5" A-A, RH 30" 60#. Weight 4.1#. Special feature: Ergonomically designed 20 degree slanted grip (only one I know of) fits the natural relaxed angled position of the bow hand. Grip has a hand hole, and the stabilizer hole is located on the forward strut in line with the push point. Good with fingers or release aid. NEW, never used. Retail $569. Price Negotiable.

RUSS WILCOX faced and backed two-piece takedown recurve circa 1930’s. Weight 1#, but was broken in two places. This was the very start of composite limbs with facing and backing. Russ built bows in South Egremont, Massachusetts, and at that time was considered the best bowyer in the world. His early composites used silk facing and backing produced by Dr. Clarence Hickman, co-author of ARCHERY, THE TECHNICAL SIDE. Hall of Famer Doug Walker, publisher of NATIONAL BOWHUNTER, feels this find should be worth over $2,000. Not shootable. A rare find. Price Negotiable.
Tri-State Archery WILDCAT Recurve, 58" 46#. Unbelievable light weight 1.2#. Circa 1960’s. This company was based in Connecticut. In those early years I averaged a deer every other year with this bow. Light handling and shootable. Carry it up the Rockies, or still-hunt all day. A collector might desire this rare model. Price Negotiable.

TSS QUADRAFLEX, dual eccentrics, green & black, 48" A-A, RH 29-30" 60#. Weight 4.4#. Special Feature: Total Shooting Systems had a revolutionary design with this bow. The limbs were pivoted at the center and flexed on both sides of the fulcrum during the draw. Thus the name QUADRAFLEX. Limb tip travel was minimal with more of the stored energy going into propelling the arrow. Indeed, in the many bow tests I did for BOW & ARROW magazine this was the fastest bow of the eccentric wheel models of the period. Used, but in mint condition. SOLD.

Wham-O POWERMASTER Aluminum/Magnesium Recurve, RH/LH 60" 55#. Weight 2#. Shootable. Price Negotiable.

York Self Longbow circa late 20’s has bellied English Longbow “D" cross section and is fitted with aluminum nock tips to simulate staghorn. It’s in good shape, but I would recommend it as a collector bow rather than a shooter. Price Negotiable.

York STO, dual cam, camo, 44" A-A, RH & LH, 29-31" 60#. Weight 4.9#. Special features: Shoot-Through with built-in Overdraw. Can be used left or right hand, and overdraw means shorter faster arrows. Symmetrical sight window vice offset window prevents out-of-alignment flexing of riser at full draw. Very unusual model with two features found on my MONSTER bow. York, in fact, asked me if I had patents on those two features. I said “no." Produced only a couple of years. This is a nice shooter, left or right hand, with fingers or release aid. Or maybe a collector might want this unusual bow. Price Negotiable.


2,000 TEN-RING TARGET FACES on heavy ll0-pound stock, exclusive blue and yellow design of a defunct organization. Six sizes l0 to 60 cm, all on stock about two feet square. Multiple smaller targets per sheet. Great deal for a summer camp or organization looking for their own particular target design. Sell for $695.
4 X 6 foot THROW for bed or wall hanging. Full-size tan deer on white background and white trim. We were told this is Vicuña wool, but we never verified this. Sell for $595.

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Framed Print l8 x 24 inches of Saxton Pope and Art Young "Fathers of Modern Bowhunting" by Max Greiner, Jr. Shows Pope & Young with first Grizzly Bear taken with longbow by modern man. Authographed by artist. Price Negotiable.
  Framed Print l6 X 20 inches, Cover Artwork for Bear Catalog 1992. Shows five illustrations of Fred Bear at work and play (bowhunting, of course). Also a BIG 22 X 30 inch POSTER on heavy corrugated board of same. Price Negotiable.

SOLD. Flight Arrow and Golf Arrow mounted on a beautiful walnut plaque. These were made by the late Dr. Clarence N. Hickman, the super physicist who, I feel, saved us all from Nazi domination in World War II. Hitler had rockets, we didn’t. Hickman solved the problems with Goddard’s inoperative rocket, designed rocket missiles used in that war, and invented harbor mines. Hitler had an armada of giant tanks spread around the world, while we didn’t have enough artillery on wheels required to stop these tanks. Clarence Hickman invented the bazooka with which a single soldier could destroy a tank. For archery, his beloved hobby, he experimented heavily and co-authored the in-depth book ARCHERY, THE TECHNICAL SIDE. Around 1938, using the camera he invented for Bell Industries, he made the first high-speed movie which showed how an arrow gets by the bow and removed the mystery from archer’s paradox. While on the staff at THE WORLD ARCHERY CENTER, I met this great man while he was Dean of the school. The flight arrows alone in the set went for over $200 each at auction many years ago. What an item for a collector!

Nine PURPLE Easton X7 l8l4 arrows. These are from an experimental dozen (three succumbed to Robin Hoods), and are the only PURPLE l8l4 shafts in existence. Price Negotiable.

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US ARCHER 1983 – 1990

Petersens BOWHUNTING 1989 – present
BOWHUNTER 1977 - present

BOW & ARROW 1965 - present

(Not for sale yet)

ARCHERY Magazine 1977 - l990


(Note: ARCHERY WORLD changed its name to BOWHUNTING WORLD
and BOW & ARROW changed its name to BOW & ARROW HUNTING.

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enlarge the book cover tackle tips LOOKING FOR PUBLISHER for prospective book BEST OF EMERY’S ARCHERY TACKLE TIPS. For 38 years I authored the column “Tackle Tips” for BOW & ARROW magazine (current name BOW & ARROW HUNTING magazine). Many how-to projects and worlds of valuable information gleaned from numerous in-depth experiments were given to the archery community through this column. This book will pass on to the reader my discoveries, findings, and conclusions during a long lifetime of archery experimenting and learning. Too much great knowledge here to be lost to the archery community. Talk to me! Price Negotiable.
PUBLISHING RIGHTS and offset printing mats (32 pages per negative) for 148-page book DOCTOR YOUR OWN COMPOUND BOW authored by archery writer Emery Loiselle. Self-publiished in 1976 with later updates. This is still the most complete book on cmpound bows covering how it works, adjusting, servicing, tuning, tools and jigs, more Historical too, since it contains photos of the first compound bow designed by each of the 28 companies that started manufacturing compounds about the time the book was written. Also for sale, rights to booklet SENSABOUT BOW TUNING published in 1971. Features some unique tuning methods. Price Negotiable.

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